The Ultimate Guide to Naming Your Company

Do you have an awesome idea but are stuck on picking a name? 

You don’t have to feel stuck. There are proven strategies, brainstorming techniques and checklists that can help you identify the name of your dreams. 

You know that picking a strong name for your company is important. Picking a good name is critical for repeat customers, search visibility, social engagement and most importantly -- SALES! 

Let's Find the Perfect Name

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Four Proven Steps to Naming Success

This guide will lead you step by step through the 4 step proven formula for generating the PERFECT name for your company, program, store, or anything that benefits having a compelling name. 

01 Foundation
You’ll walk through the core purpose of your business and how to understand the mind of your target audience.

02 Brainstorm
Time for creativity! You’ll explore the desires of your ideal audience through guided brainstorm exercises to compile all of your ideas on paper. You’ll use time-tested principles and creativity prompts to get your ideas flowing.

03 Refine
Ultimately a company can only have one memorable name. Through a series of steps, you’ll identify what makes a powerful name and begin whittling down your brainstorm possibilities into concrete ideas.

04 Evaluate 

Your name must be created for your target audience.  You’ll understand what makes a name powerful from a technical and brand perspective. You’ll also complete a matrix to evaluate your choices as well as templates to market test the names with people in your target audience.

At the end of this process, you’ll have a memorable name perfectly suited for your target audience. 

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Got Questions?

Who is this guide for? 

Anyone who is starting a business, online store or service and needs a compelling name to attract their target audience! People like:
→ bloggers (lifestyle, food, travel, beauty, tech, family/mommy, niche interest, etc.)
→ photographers (lifestyle, brand, adventure, travel, wedding & engagement, commercial, etc.)
→event planners
→interior designers & home stagers
→e-commerce & online shop owners
→services based businesses (copywriters, social media managers, writers, etc.)
→coaches & consultants
→solopreneurs or small/medium-size businesses

How long does it take to name a company?

We recommend taking at least two weeks to work through our 4 proven steps. Time is needed to let your ideas flow and mature. The initial two steps will guide you through understanding your audience. We recommend doing the brainstorm phase in 3 separate sittings to help the creative process.

Can I order a printed version of this guide?
We do not currently offer a physical version of the guide, but you can download and print on any at-home printer. We love Fed-Ex for printing and spiral binding.

Do you offer support or consulting?
Our amazing team uses the principles outlined in this guide to help businesses generate amazing names. Email to get more information on custom naming packages.